Get Smooth, Sturdy Concrete Around Your Property

Connect with a Longview, TX concrete contractor

A lot goes into building a property, but your concrete work is one of the most important elements. If you want to make sure your concrete looks great and lasts for years, turn to J & B Concrete Services, Inc. Our concrete contractor serves homeowners, business owners and industrial property owners in Longview, TX.

Give Your Project A Smooth Start

Mistakes in the early stages of your project can lead to costly repairs and complicated issues down the line. Thankfully, you can trust us to handle your project with care. Our concrete contractors can:

  • Clear all trees and rocks away from your building site
  • Excavate your land to make room for your foundation and other concrete work
  • Pour strong concrete flatwork and foundations
When we're done, you'll be ready to start building your new property. Reach out to us today to learn more about our land clearing, excavation and concrete installation services.

Why Choose J & B Concrete Services?

We take pride in providing top-notch industrial, residential and commercial concrete services. You can feel confident when you hire our team because we:

Are insured and bonded | Rely on over 15 years of experience | Use state-of-the-art equipment, like Bobcat machinery

Ready to get a residential foundation or industrial concrete flooring service? Call 903-736-5710 today to schedule an appointment with our family owned and operated concrete installation company.